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> The helicopter with helper that attacked by shark in the movie of wild_shark. it is real shark attack to this old man on his chest. This picture (above) two sharks attack girl I think just bushed. The shark_attack in picture above is a Mako shark that is attacking a dead fish on a fishing … Continue reading


> We can not understand with a lot of animals, they sometimes become angry and a lot of people did not know about this. So I guest it can add animal like kangaroo above are angry and can kick every person near it.


> Bear_Attack_Human Bear is the cute animal, but if we know exactly, we will be strange with this animal because it is very dangerous. It can be murder for person. You can see the photos above are because of bear. For all of those -except number two- are done when some people get picnic and … Continue reading


> Not every lions are kind and don’t want to attack human being. As I look at in my experience and as you can look at on the pictures above, there are many times lions are attacking human and also their cars. In the first picture Jim and Nell Hamm, who will celebrate their 50th … Continue reading


> Crocodile is the wild animal that always ea meal and it can become big and bigger. Crocodile always attack something life, like zebra, buffalo and others, even human being is it’s fruit. The skin of crocodile is very thick until if it attack animal the animal can not leave from it’s attack as you … Continue reading